Monday, June 16, 2008

Another quilt almost done

The fabrics for this quilt were purchased with intention of becoming a gift. Since then, this quilt has taken on a different meaning, so I'll be keeping it. I'll feel more comfortable giving away quilts once I've gotten a few more under my belt. What a great learning experience this project has been! I had no idea how hard it would be to line up points and not cut off my triangles tips (which is why I did it....a lot). The precision of cutting and stitching the quarter-inch seams is really a challenge for me. I love the way the back of this turned out. Way better than the front. Now I wish I'd added more of a border around the entire front, but it's too late! The stitching lines are imperfect, and I like it like that. I haven't hand-stitched the binding on yet, but it's attached to the back and pinned in place. There are other projects waiting in the wings before I get to any more quilting, but I've got about 5 quilts living in my head right now waiting to be born.

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  1. You did all that by hand??? You are extremely talented. You could sell those for a pretty penny! Are you taking any orders? ;)

  2. Thanks, Candi! But, I didn't do it by hand. I machine pieced and quilted it, then I stitch the binding on by hand. If I did it all by hand, I'd never get one done!

  3. Sarah -- you are doing FABULOUS on your quilting!!!!

  4. Can I place an order?!?!? You are so talented! GO SARAH!


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