Monday, June 9, 2008

Lauren's quilt in progress

I made some serious progress on Lauren's quilt over the weekend. In fact, the only the I have to do is finish hand-stitching the binding on the front. I worked on the hand-stitching last night while we watched the Lost finale (it's only been on our DVR for weeks), and I got less than half of it done. Which has re-affirmed that I will probably never be a hand quilter. I have immense respect for it, but I am not that patient and my fingers hurt. For my upcoming birthday, I got a new walking foot for my sewing machine that allows me to do machine quilting, and that's what I used on this quilt. I have noticed that the older I get (the big 3-0 this year), the lamer my birthday gift requests get! Next on my list is probably trying some free motion quilting, but I'll have to work up the courage for that.

I really like the way it turned out. I made the back cute, too, so it can be reversible based on her mood. Each time I've shown it to Lauren, she's picked a different favorite side, so I think that is a good thing. Once I get it all finished, I'll work on a bed skirt and pillow case to match.

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  1. Good job - I love the stripes!!!

  2. You are getting really good Sarah, I need to take some lessons.

  3. It looks great. I made Winne the Pooh quilts for my boys last year. Way to go on the hand sewing. I always use the machine.


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